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American Campfire Revival
Video to audio content for greater
growth and reach.

"The Podcast Upload handles everything and allows me to  focus on what I love- connecting with, educating, and entertaining my audience! Our partnership has been an excellent experience!"



Faith leader and actor Kirk Cameron ignites a movement with 'The American Campfire Revival.' Fueled by his passion for guiding believers back to core values, this Facebook Live series sparked a powerful podcast. The show delves into restoring America's founding principles, offering a path back to national "blessing and protection." Partnering with The Podcast Upload, Cameron transformed these engaging Facebook sessions into an ongoing podcast, ensuring his message reaches a wider audience.

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Why The Podcast Upload?

Kirk Cameron wasn't just looking for a podcast producer, he wanted collaboration. He sought a team who mirrored his values while possessing the creative and technical muscle to hit a grand slam. Enter The Podcast Upload. Working with Kirk, they've consistently delivered top-notch service, month after month.

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Listen to the podcast:
  • Graphic Design and Show Branding

  • Theme music, Intro/outro script writing, Voice Over recording

  • Uploading to all networks

  • SEO show notes and titles

  • Social Media Reel creation

Computer Work
Advertising and Brand Deals:

The Podcast Upload went beyond technical expertise to become a true marketing partner for Kirk. They secured an advertising deal for the podcast, crafting a strategic brand partnership that spanned email lists, social media, and the podcast itself. By seamlessly managing all technical aspects, deliverables, deadlines, and expectations, The Podcast Upload ensured a successful and satisfying experience for both Kirk and the advertiser.

Business Organization
Social Media:

Podcasts reach beyond just the initial release. The social media strategy is paramount to reach that next level of growth. The Podcast Upload created weekly social media reels from the content of the podcast, branding each one carefully and directing new listeners to subscribe to the podcast.

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