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The Zan Tyler Podcast: 
Video/audio podcast helping inspire and educate homeschool families Nationwide.

He took care of all things technical, so I could concentrate on doing what I love most — communicating with others.   Caleb is a talented producer, but even more than that he is a team player who wants to see this podcast succeed.


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Zan Tyler has been a cornerstone of the homeschool community for over 35 years. She bravely faced the threat of jail time while fighting to legalize homeschooling in South Carolina, establishing herself as a pioneer for families nationwide. BJU Press Homeschool enlisted The Podcast Upload to create an engaging podcast hosted by Zan, organically enhancing the BJU Press Homeschool brand.

All-inclusive treatment:

The TPU team prioritized a flawless experience for Zan. They transformed her home office into a professional studio, complete with top-notch camera and lighting equipment. Seamless scheduling ensured both Zan and her guests were well-prepared.  A live producer on each recording guaranteed exceptional quality.  The team didn't stop there; they handled all post-production, delivering expertly edited videos with impressive turnaround times. 

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Listen to the podcast:
More than just a podcast:

To stand out in the dynamic podcasting world, TPU crafted a multi-platform strategy. Each episode lands in full on all podcast platforms, while captivating video versions find their home on YouTube and Facebook. TPU transforms each episode into engaging social media reels, releasing daily content on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, and Facebook. This maximizes content reach, delivering over 20 engaging pieces all born from a single recording.

Some of the stats:
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